Conference on Inclusive Business Growth

Conference on Inclusive Business Growth

June 10, 2015



One billion people live in the rural areas of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)’s developing economies and a high percentage of APEC’s poor can be found there.  Economic integration of these regions will boost growth and unleash the potential of many millions.


This conference will bring together business, government and NGO leaders, plus experts to raise awareness and explore the timeliness and impact of The Philippine’s focus on inclusive growth for APEC’s theme in 2015.  Concurrently, the conference will be also reviewing how APEC can best raise the priority of rural development and poverty alleviation as a way to drive growth across the region.


In partnership with North Head International, the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) and the Philippine Business for the Environment (PBE), a  pre-event dubbed Conference for Inclusive Business Growth on June 10, 2015 at the Palawan Room, EDSA Shangri-La Hotel Manila.


Key features of the conference include:

  • How The Philippines is well placed to give leadership in APEC for inclusive growth
  • Presentations of working models for inclusive business growth
  • Guest speakers from other APEC markets will present their perspectives and experiences for promoting economic and social progress, particularly in rural regions
  • Actions that companies, NGOs, and local governments can take to promote inclusive growth



1. John Russell (Managing Director, North Head Intl)

2. Prof. Liu Yonggong (National School of Development, Center for Integrated agricultural Development, Beijing University)

3. Hon. Agus Manshr (Deputy Director, Directorate of Poverty Alleviation, Ministry of National Development of Indonesia)

4. Mr. Paul Dominguez (Director, Sarangani Agricultural Co., Inc)

5. Dr. Rolando Dy (Executive Director, Center for Food and Agribusiness , University of Asia and the Pacific)

6. Atty. Ernie Mascenon ( Nestle Philippines)